You are curious and find ground animals interesting and not too small or ugly? You want to get involved, want to contribute to research processes and scientific knowledge? Then become a soil animal citizen researcher!

Support research on millipedes, centipedes and terrestrial woodlice by turning over stones, looking in the compost heap and find out how many different species live in your environment. Browse through the litter of leaves and find the woodlice in your favourite forest! Hunt under rotten wood for predatory centipedes! Discover life in the soil and share these experiences and observations with us!

With your find records you contribute to the knowledge of the distribution, frequency and ecology of soil animals in many regions and cities. First evidence of species for a federal state is not excluded. You want to systematically map a certain area, your place of residence, a certain forest, a mountain range, a region? We provide you with professional support for your private research project. Become part of science and create knowledge!